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Boochcraft - Ginger Lime Hard Kombucha (6 pack 12oz cans)

Grown Organically 

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Producer Boochcraft
Country United States
Region California
Style Hard Kombucha
Sku 32156
Size 6 pack 12oz cans

Take a big inhale of this one: from the aroma, I tend to notice the big hitter, ginger (specifically, that spice and heat characteristic of ginger, mixed with the rootiness of the plant). Next: lime, often expressed as a fresh lime zest like smell. Finally, there’s a slight, sweetly floral tone in the aroma from the rosehips. Take a sip, and immediately you’ll get a nice fresh ginger as well as a gingersnap with a sweet ginger pungency. Then, the lime comes into the equation as a combination of juice, zest and/or pith. At this point, I also often notice a nice floral like quality, almost like hibiscus. Then finally, on the finish I get the nice warming and spicy qualities of ginger that tickles the back of the throat, like when eating fresh spicy ginger.

Curbside Pickup Starts One Hour After Opening Every Day

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